Welcome to the WEB WORKER CONTEST (WWC ), a JavaScript programming game. Two JavaScript programs compete against each other. They must conquer a playing area of 100 x 100 fields with simple moves (top , down, left, right). The winner is the program that occupies more fields at the end.

The CONTEST is based on Web Workers. The competing JavaScript programs are Web Workers. The WWC is perhaps the first programming game that can be played in the browser. Go to the Guide for the exact rules of the game and learn how to program such Web Workers.

The CONTEST was lanched on May 27th 2014. A prize phase last until Juni 21th 2014. Now you can compete for the best strategy to conquer a field just for fun.

For inspiration you can download the code of the final top 30. The code of the CONTEST can be found at GitHub. Videos of the winners are on YouTube. Articles about JavaScript programming games can be found on Mozilla Hacks and team neusta blog.

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